Sonntag, 13. August 2017

Ulta Beauty & Drugstore Haul (just a little one ) LOL

new Video is up Loves ❤️ Check it out 

Donnerstag, 6. Juli 2017

Quick Unboxing of the New HSI Glider Flat Iron


Hello Loves 

This is just a quick unboxing of this amazing and beautiful Flat Iron From HSI i got , that i wanted to show you guys. 
Thats is what you will get in the box when you receive it! 
Besides the Iron comes 

-a Heat protection Glove
-a carrier bag
-a Argan oil sample 
a one year warranty certificate 
and some great little flyers on top 

where you can get it? Just follow the link below

Sonntag, 11. Juni 2017

Best Flat Iron For 2017 ??

Best Flat Iron For 2017 ??

A few Days ago , i received a Email from the lovely Lexi Watkins from , if i would like to read their review of the Flat Irons 2017 , and also share their awesome Review on my Blog.
Of course i accepted, since i know how many of my lovely Ladies on here are just as beauty , and specially Hair styling obsessed as I am !
So here i am , and i can tell you ladies, it’s really worth to take a close Look at this Great Review, if you are considering to Buy a New Hair Tool!

Each of this Flat Irons have their Pros and Cons  (of course) specially since we all have different hair and are looking for something different!
So take yourself 10 Minutes and Read this Article that i will LINK and HIGHLIGHT for you Later on Below!
But first i will Post a few things Off of this Article that i found very interesting and want to share with you!
In the Article , the Review will show you Follow very interesting Things
  • The 30-Second Review
  • The 3 Best Flat Irons
  • How we found the Best Flat Iron
  • Our Finalist
  • Our Picks for the Best Flat Iron
  • Best Titanium Flat Iron
  • Best Budget Flat Iron
  • Did you Know? Pro Tips
  • Bottom Line …
As you can see you will find so so much Information around how to choose the Right Flat Iron, how to use it ect, ect,….
Well long Story Short my Loves, here is the Link to the Whole Review

Donnerstag, 20. April 2017

Michael Todd Soniclear Petite Review

If you follow me on my Instagram or Facebook , you could see that i just tried the SONICLEAR PETITE Face cleansing Brush by MICHAEL TODD!

Before i start to tell you all about how i think about it,  ↓↓ Down below is My You Tube Review for all who also are curious to actually see this amazing Brush in action! But you will have to forward to the last 3/4 minutes to see the Demo and Skip the whole talking 😝


This is the Brush

It comes
* With a 3 year Warranty
* a Charging Stand (very convenient ) 
*a Face Cleansing Brush (replacable best every 6 month) 
*a USB Magnetic Charger (the Pink Round Button on the Picture) 
* a Brush Cap with Wholes ( so that the Brush can Breath and Dry) 
* and of course a Instruction Booklet 

So that is all that comes in the Box , first thing i did when i unpacked it was putting the Charging Cable and the Stand together , since it's recommendable to Charge the SONICLEAR PETITE Full before you Use it! 

I did that , and of course I Tried it 😉
I Took off all my Makeup before and moist my Face and the Brush , As a Cleanser i used my Regular Daily Face wash ( Vitamin C Brightening Cleanser ) and used One Pump directly on to the Brush. I started with the Lowest Speed. 

Th best part is that The Brush will TELL you , by beeping,  every time you need to change the Face Area! That is SOO amazing! so you won't have to worry about over Cleaning, or cleaning less of an area than another. 
Just follow The Beep and change the Face Areas Every time the Brush Beeps 👏🏼  
 After about Two or Three Minutes i was done, I washed off my Face with Warm water , 
rinsed the Brush and put it back in the Stand , put back the Cap on and thats it! 

💕 Not Only Could i feel it , But also Touch it!! 💕

My Opinion : RUUUUUUN AND GETT ITT!!! 🤣 
 Yes you really need one ! I could not image my Skincare Routine 
without it Anymore! 
Sounds Dramatic HUH?? But yes ! Thats actually True! 

If You want to Check it Out Go to #soniclear 

🎀  You can also get a lot more Informations there , and pick from so many Colors and Designs  🎀

Freitag, 31. März 2017

GUITAR CENTER - Find your Sound

GUITAR CENTER - Find your Sound 

Performance Essentials : Gear you need for every Setup 

Make the performance your own. Never stop creating.

Gear Up for Your Next GiG

My Exfolimate , New Skin exfoliate introducion !!

What is Exfolimate ?

Exfolimate is made to gently exfoliate the face and body and is precision designed for daily exfoliation and naturally skin clearing results. 
Exfolimate transforms the surface of your skin.

How do you use it ?

- Make sure your skin is wet and supple – it is suggested that you use Exfolimate towards the end of your shower or bath.
With either the face or body tool, using gentle pressure from your fingertips,gently glide the tool along the contours of your body at a 90-degree angle. It only takes a light amount of pressure to effectively use Exfolimate
- As you glide Exfolimate along your face and body, check under the smooth metal edge for any lingering residue. To remove the dead skin and debris, simple run the tool under warm running water. Make sure you repeat this step once you’ve exfoliated your entire body to keep the tool clean for your next use.
- Once you’ve cleaned your Exfolimate, hang the tool to dry so it is ready and waiting to gently exfoliate your skin from top to toe.

Is it good for dry skin or sensitive skin? 

Removing patches of dry skin can make the skin look and feel much smoother. Since the process uses only water, some sensitive skin types can now try the new natural alternative to exfoliation, just with water. So it definitely is for Dry and also sensitive skin as well. 

How can it help my facial skincare routine?

Because Exfolimate cleans, stimulates and smoothes the skin in one easy step, it’s a quick, no mess way of preparing your facial skin for any skin care treatment such as masks, hair removal or simply before applying your nighttime skincare , to get it to soak in deeper in your skin. 

How much does it Cost? 
You can buy it for 29.99$ at Walgreens, Tagret, Amazon and more Retailers .

Fore more informations go to 

Donnerstag, 16. März 2017

My Silisponge Review... Worth the Hype?

New Youtube Video Review is UP ! CHeck it out Loves <3

Hello Loves !

I received Some of these cute Sillisponges that are so famous right now, and of course i had to do a Review and Comparison right away!

So what are my thoughts?? Well see for yourself!

*Also if you want to get your own Sillisponge, dont hesitate and Order your own , Using my Code

FRIEND15 at CHECKOUT and get 15% OFF !!


Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2017

In Love with my New Coffee Mug

What exactly they trying to tell me 🤔🤔 either way.. How cute is this Mug?? Thank you finally got my own coffee mug all for myself ❤❤ 
#coffee #coffeelover
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Montag, 30. Januar 2017

�� DIY Bling Bling Choker �� - Lodillys Beauty

Hello Loves !!

Here's my latest DIY project, this Super easy Glam Bling Bling choker!

I am Loving the trend, and I hope you will Try it ;)

Give me some Feedback if you do or if you have some Questions!

** SONG INFO: Black Swan by texasradiofish (c) copyright 2013 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial  (3.0) license. Ft: Kae Furious, ElRon XChile

If you have any questions or Video suggestion please leave me a message in the Comment Box below. Also For Q&A's ect.. anything is very Welcome . 

Love your Lodilly 

Sonntag, 29. Januar 2017

How I Wash & Mantain My Clip IN Hair Extensions ����

Hello Loves

Today I want to Show You How I Wash and also give you some Tips on how i keep My Clip in Hair Extensions Still after almost 3 Years Silky and Looking almost just like the day i got them.

** Luxury For Princess Hair Extensions in Jet Black 260g

** Bellami Lilly Ghalichi Hair Extensions in Off Black 260g

** SONG INFO: Two 4 Seven by Loveshadow (c) copyright 2014 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial  (3.0) license. Ft: Scomber

If you have any questions or Video suggestion please leave me a message in the Comment Box below. Also For Q&A's ect.. anything is very Welcome .

Love your Lodilly

Samstag, 28. Januar 2017

Quick LookBook �� My Outfit Today - Lodillys Beauty

Hello Loves !

This is just ANOTHER quick LOOKBOOK , that i want to share with you.

**All the Details and where i bought my Outfit i already commented it in the Video , but if you still have any Questions , please don't hesitate to comment below !

XOXO Yours


Samstag, 21. Januar 2017

Quick LookBook �� My Outfit Today - Lodillys Beauty

Hello Loves !

This is just ANOTHER quick LOOKBOOK , that i want to share with you.

My outfit that i was wearing , From Head to toe ( Literally ) From the Choker to my Shoes i Purchased my Whole Outfit at AGACI Store

Montag, 16. Januar 2017

⭐️ My Night Time Skincare Routine ⭐️

Hello Loves!

Today I want to take you with me , to show you my Nigh Time Skincare Routine, the Products that i Use the last couple of Month and also how i Apply them!

Samstag, 14. Januar 2017

Gold Black Glam Smokey Eyes

Hello my Loves !

If you want to know more about me, feel free to check out my Website :

** Today I want to Share with You This Dramatic Gold-Black Glam Smokey Eyes Look.

Dienstag, 10. Januar 2017

Quick Lookbook My Outfit Today

Just a quick Sneak of what i was wearing today !

* bodysuit from Agaci Store

* Jeans from C&A

* High Heels From Agaci Store

* My Luxury For Princess Clip In Hair Extensions

* Jewelery From Bijou Brigitte

XOXO Yours Lodilly

Montag, 9. Januar 2017

Mittwoch, 4. Januar 2017

How i Clean my MakeUp Brushes & Beauty Blenders *LIKE MAGIC*

** Today i want to share with you how i clean my Beauty Blenders and my MakeUp Brushes.

You can Purchase the ZOTE SOAP at any *walmart* *Walgreens* *Dollarstore* ect...

Dienstag, 27. Dezember 2016

Quick & Easy Dramatic eye make up - Lodillys Beauty

Check out this Quick & Easy Eye make up <3

* Ethnicity Tag * Venezuelan - German

Hello my Loves !

If you want to know more about me, feel free to check out my Website :

**Today I would LOVE to get to know you guys better! Answer in the comments below!!

**I hope some -or All of you - will also answer them , i am  really curious about y'all answers !

**Ethnicity tag Questions:

1.Where were you born

2. Where did you grew up

3.What languages do you speak :

4. What’s your favorite dish from where your from

5. When was the last time you visited your Country

6. If you’ve ever visited your country what is your favorite place to visit:

7. Have you ever visited the capitol of your country:

8. What is your favorite dessert from your culture

9. What town is your family from and what do They/you love most about it:

10. What haven’t you visited in your country that you want to visit:

Feel free to answer al the Questions and also Comment the answers below :)

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