My Bellami Hair Extensions by Lilly Ghalichi

By Maren Sabina - 06:06

~~~~~~EXTENSION REVIEW #1~~~~~~


Yes!! I did it ! 

After a few weeks of thinking if i should get these Hair extensions or not, i finally Ordered them. 
I had a little issues getting them, since we are living in Germany, and the Hair Company is in The United States, Bue well.. so far so good.. i went to the customer Service , Paid the Fees and finally had my Hair. 
I was so happy , it was like Christmas and Birthday at once LOL
After i Opened the box, i noticed that they Accidentially send me the wrong Colour ! 
Instead of the #1 JET BLACK, i recieverd #1B OFF BLACK. 
So i emaild Bellami to know what we can do.
They were so nice, and offered me to exchange me the hair, and they would pay for the Shipping. 
But i didnt wanted to wait longer, and go thru this whole Custom Tax  Process again. So i decided to keep the Hair and i actually tried to get my hair to get one Shade lighter , so they would Match with the Extensions. 
BEST DECISION EVER!! I love the Lilly Hair, they are so Full, from top to Buttom! The are so soft and silky and to amazing THICK! 
I really can Recommend everybody who wants some good Quality Hair extensions to get these Hair! 
Of course i will try also other Brands, but till now, there are not any other extensions even close to the Lilly Hair . I really hopt to review other Brands and be as obsessed with Other brands as i am with Bellami :) 

If you want to try these, i will post the link to the Hair Below !

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