My Life with Chronic Headaches/Migraines

By Maren Sabina - 16:19

My Life with Chronic Headaches/Migraines

Ever since i was a little girl, i always had this horrible Pain, that wouldn't go away!
I can remember, that i had to give up so much things because of this Pain.
Everytime i got excited... before my Birthday, whenever my dad came home from a long Work deployment, Before any big Event or Holiday...I always became the most horrible Headaches.
I never understood..why me?? Why isn't there anything that helps me?? 
I Remember my mom giving me Back Massages (she still does it ), Acupressure on my Feet... I remember my dad going with me from one doctor to another, ..From one Specialist to another.. MRI , Physio Therapy , Psychologist, Orthopedic, ..( just to mention a few) .. Every Doctor had another Explenaition, everyone told me a different story or gave my a different medication. But NOTHING would ever Help!

With the years i went thru almost every Pain Medication , thru every Therapy ...but still NO sucsess!
There is nothing worse, that waking up with headache , almost every day.. or a few days Non Stop.. 
The feeling you get , that you would love to just cut your head off.. 
And still..after almost 27 Years of Pain.. being exhausted  i can say, i almost got used to having this Horrible Pain!

The doctors i see now , they barely belive that i am having this Headaches for so long! People come and say i am making it up . I is very sad for me to hear they say things like that. 
On good days , i barely feel the bumping pain and i can actually calm it with some Pain Pills. 
O really bad days, i can not even Take Care of my Kids, and my husband ends up taking me to the Hospital to get IV's. Let me say, that happens almost every month .. 

I wish i could get up one day and actually being Pain Free , enjoy 100% of the day with my Children and my Husband, without taking any Pills without having to complaint , without to suffer!

I still hope i will meet oneday that ONE Doctor , who actually really knows how to help me! until then, i guess i still got to stuck up on my Pain Pills and just make the best out of it.

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