Eyebrow Solutions for the right Face shape

By Maren Sabina - 23:25

We all love to have "eyebrows on Fleek" that's how they call it nowadays, 
or better said PERFECT SHAPED EYEBROWS !  

Well just how it is with almost everything, like when you hightlight and Contour your face, or when you use Lipstick, you always shoud know the right Shape of your Face !

No matter if Round, Oval, long,Squared, Heard, or Diamond shaped , For every Makeup Technique you want to use, there is also one if you want to get your Eyebrows Done! 

No matter if you want to Plug them yourself with Tweezers, or shape them with these little razors you can get from the Drugstore ...

As long as you make sure you get them done the right way , that your eyebrows will suit your Face Shape , i am sure they will always look Just Perfect and you will see how much easier it will be for you to fill them in , doing your makeup (if you actually have to do it afterall)    




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