* Ethnicity Tag * Venezuelan - German

By Maren Sabina - 21:28

Hello my Loves !

If you want to know more about me, feel free to check out my Website : http://lodillys.wixsite.com/lodillys

**Today I would LOVE to get to know you guys better! Answer in the comments below!!

**I hope some -or All of you - will also answer them , i am  really curious about y'all answers !

**Ethnicity tag Questions:

1.Where were you born

2. Where did you grew up

3.What languages do you speak :

4. What’s your favorite dish from where your from

5. When was the last time you visited your Country

6. If you’ve ever visited your country what is your favorite place to visit:

7. Have you ever visited the capitol of your country:

8. What is your favorite dessert from your culture

9. What town is your family from and what do They/you love most about it:

10. What haven’t you visited in your country that you want to visit:

Feel free to answer al the Questions and also Comment the answers below :)

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