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Using Foundation can make your face look beautiful , flawless and airbrushed, or it can end up looking all Cakey by adding age and creating a visible mask on your face. To Prevent the second, i will tell you today , what i do to achieve a Flawless Foundation Look!
Now Let’s talk about tips and tricks for perfect foundation

1. Chose your “perfect match”.
To pick the right shade of foundation is the most important part of your makeup success. Also to be sure before you start, what skintype you have!
While making your choice of foundation, test it on your jawline or on your cheek in daylight. The foundation tone is correct if it disappears on your skin without blending. Another great tip for picking up the right foundation color is – ask for a few different samples and try them on at home. Don’t be shy to ask, usually  beauty consultants in shops are very helpful and will always be glad to assist you😉
2. Prepare your Face (and Neck) 
To achieve flawless and “perfect” skin, make sure that you exfoliate and moisturize your skin on a regular base (don’t forget Night creme). Apply your day cream before applying foundation. Also Use a Primer, They have different Primers out there, For large pores (they vanish and blur the pores), for dry skin, for uneven skintones ect.. Take your time to look into the different products.You can also use Skin Oils , like Bio oil, or Gold oil ect.. instead of Primer, they work wonders as well as they Moisturize your face too! Just not recommendable on Oily skin to begin with!
Just make sure if you moisturized your face, to wait about 10 minutes before you apply the Primer on Top! Otherwise it can lead to a Cakey finish😉  You can also use combined product that contains both moisturizing properties and can prime your face as well.
3. Less is more 
Start applying your foundation from the middle of your face and gradually blend it to the outer edges. And if you applied concealer before , start around the concealed areas and work your way into it, so that it all look well blended without looking overloaded.Also if you have a full covering or medium covering foundation, one layer should be enough,a second layer would also lead to a cakey finish and stark to crease up.
4. Use right tools.
Professional makeup artists love to use Beautyblender, foundation brushes or tips of their fingers, depending on the type of converge and finish you desire. Its all up on how and what you prefer! With the time , i figured out , that i absolutely LOVE the Real Techniques Beauty Sponges!
Not only give they a absolutely Flawless Finish , but also you can apply almost everything with it! (of course i moisten it) and i also use it for my lose powders as well! But Not Only Sponges are Necessary , also a good Set of Brushes is almost a Must have, for the perfect Makeup! and NO you don’t need 100$/200$ Brushes! If you want to Start with good Set , you can look Up -Brushes they have Great Sets for a Great Price under 30$ 

5. Don’t forget a good Concealer 
Find a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your skintone. If you apply concealer after the foundation you will use less product and, having your foundation as a base, will prevent concealer from creasing to achieve more flawless finish. Avoid layering too much concealer, remember the rule – “less is more”. You can also apply your Concealer before your foundation, but you have to make sure that you blend everything well together and don’t get the Mask look after wards. “doublecheck in the daylight before you leave the house )
6. Good lightening is your best friends while applying your foundation.
If you want to avoid the “jawline mark” on your face, where your foundation finishes and your natural skin starts, as well as patchy, caky spots, then chose the brightest area in your room and apply your foundation there. This way you will avoid unpleasant surprises when your face looks perfect inside, and patchy and caky on a daylight when you go out. Also DON’T forget your Neck and Hairline!!! That’s also very important to achieve a Natural, Flawless Foundation Finish!
Well my Loves, i hope you enjoyed my Blog Post today. If you have any Question or Suggestions for Further BlogPosts, Please let me know ♥♥

Hugs & Kisses

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